Bare metal Kubernetes I

Setting up a PXE boot environment

My goal was to setup a Kubernetes 1.8 environment using bare metal servers running on CoreOS Container Linux. Container Linux is a compact operating system, on bare metal the provisioning is most times automated using a PXE boot environment and tools like Matchbox, Mayu or RackHD. Matchbox (maintained by CoreOS)... [Read More]
Tags: Kubernetes, PXE, Matchbox, Bare metal

FEAF Software Taxonomy

ARM in JSON Format

I was looking for a software taxonomy as part of an EA Technology Identification effort. The Federal Enterprise Architecture Framework (FEAF) publishes a set of taxonomies that are a good starting point. The Application Reference Model (ARM) in particular was close to what I was looking for. [Read More]
Tags: Enterprise Architecture, Taxonomies, FEAF